With companies offering digital strategy services growing exponentially the past 10 years, the market place is indeed crowded. 
The need though, has since moved to being very specific to return on investments. Given that digital media is now a globally accepted form of reaching out to customers, return on investment is driven by proximity engagement & value-based infotainment. 
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At the heart of our philosophy is the need to give. Companies across the world have identified social initiatives to support but often don't have a self-inclusive CSR strategy based on their own brand and company philosophy. 
Our experience tells us that there are many companies with that intent to give but no clear channels to do so.


The global market downturn of 2008 / 2009 left a lot of individuals and companies in a rut that has taken them years to recover from. Many of those companies across the world that folded up, left in their wake many individuals affected and of course their families too. 

The leadership team at Planet Vin Media & Consulting set up this vertical with the intention to provide insight, support and guidance to individuals and families affected counseling them to better their situations over a period of time. All conversations are private and confidential and guidance provided is always in accordance of the laws of the region.



Music is that one thing that truly breaks across traditional forms of division from country, language, religion and much else. 
Music is developed by a civilization of musicians who cut through all of the above and reach out in a pure and true manner to a diversity of masses. 
We are constantly looking to see how we can get you what your hard work deserves.
If we see that you have it, we will help you break through. Just to be clear, we are not a traditional record label but we sure as hell know how to get their attention.