This is where it breaks away from the clutter. How many of us have attended seminars because we've had to.

My aim is to reach out to youngsters in a language and approach that they understand.

With over 24 years behind me in the corporate sector, I bring a set of experiences that combine diverse experiences from my career at the workplace, my career outside of the workplace, my social engagements and my ethical beliefs. 

I have collated  these to form what I call 'The Magic 9'. 

The Magic 9 is a philosophy / learning that can be shared in the form of a workshop or a seminar. 

The focus is on sharing some key lessons of life that you don't get taught at school. So, what could those be?



Over the years, I've contributed my writing on a variety of subjects from Motorsport, Current Affairs, Music and Entertainment. 

My most recent accomplishment is the completion of my first book that is due for release in October, 2017 called You wanna be a rockstar? which is a personal memoir of sorts capturing my life after I formed the rock band Vin Sinners and the lessons, some hard ones, that I learnt from the entire experience.  

 - Guest writer with Motorsport: 2000 to 2005

 - Guest commentator on GO92.5FM for F1 coverage: 2004

 - F1 feature columnist for People Magazine (India): 2009


Vin being an artist and a stack of knowledge and experience of having taken the band he started (Vin Sinners) from a concept to becoming the first rock band in the Middle East to be signed to a major record label, he felt a need to contribute to the development of musical talent and provide opportunities to young aspiring artists. 

Thus in May 2014, Musicians United was born. Since its inception, Musicians United has hosted more than 60 individual musicians / bands through creatively designed concept events. Today Musicians United is among the leading independent artist development platforms in the UAE.